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Euthabag body bag

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Euthabag is a respectful pet body bag for your domestic pets. Designed in Canada, by a veterinarian, it allows for dignified transport of the animals body. According to your preference, Euthabag can be cremated or buried.

Characteristics of the product: leak-proof, tear-proof, has incorporated handles for easy transport, a zipper for an optimal access and easy manipulation, an identification zone for use with a pen or marker and is-made of post-consumer recycled material and polypropylene, no chlorine or PVC.

Format Euthabag

Size Capacity Price
14" X 32"  30 lb or less 24.00$
19" X 41"   80 lb or less 28.00$
22" X 51" 190 lb or less 34.00$

*Additional fees for delivery

** No exchange, no refund

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