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To be present at your pet funeral service

The private assisted cremation is for owners who wish to accompany their faithful companion to the end of their journey on Earth.

The private assisted cremation, which we have been offering for more than 20 years, responds to the desire of the pet owners to be present at this last step.

Whether it's to live a private moment of meditation, to be reassured of the authenticity of their animals ashes or to shorten the awaiting delay while they cope with their grief, INCIMAL welcomes you with all the comfort and serenity you need.


Superior service - by appointment only:

Our private assisted cremation service is intended for all pets: cat, dog, ferret, hamster, rabbit, bird, reptile, etc., and is carried out in INCIMAL, by appointment only.


Brief description of the service:

  • The assistance of a person at your visit to Incimal;
  • The exposure of your deceased animal;
  • The cremation;
  • A personalized cremation certificate;
  • The family leaves with the cinerary urn* of his companion.
* Over 80 models of urns available, see our products section

The appointment:

The appointement is at a precise time. It very important to respect the given time. An advances or delayed appointement will result an additional costs.

Weight Duration (aprox.)
0-49 lb 2h00
50-119 lb 2h30
120 lb and over 3h00 and more

Owner of more than one domestic animal:

Special prices are available for a single owner who wishes to incinerate two or more of their domestic pets on the same day. Contact us to discover the opportunities that are available to you. Certain restrictions apply.


Technical procedures:

The incineration takes place in a small cremation oven.  Once this process is completed, the bone fragments are collected and transformed into ashes.  Everything is then carefully transferred to the urn of your choice, which is given to you on site.


Cremation room where the family says its last goodbyes to their pet companion. 


"The special attention and short delay of this superior service will interest you."