Essential services, available directly from your vet.

INCIMAL provides its own transportation and serves the veterinary establishments of the province of Quebec.

 To find out if our services are available in your city, check with your veterinarian or contact us.  

Based on your beliefs and values, our crematorium offers three options of incineration: private cremationassisted private cremation and communal cremation.


Our three animal cremation services have for mission:

  • To provide the veterinarians of the province of Québec with an appropriate and respectful service of communal cremation that allows them to dispose of the remains of their client’s pet in dignity.
  • To provide pet owners with private cremation that reflects their love and attachment for their lost companion and respect for what they brought to their life.


To accomplish our various services, we use two different types of cremation ovens, one is used for the communal cremation and the other for the private cremation.

At INCIMAL, we are proud to offer you a professional and personalized service that responds to the highest standards of the industry.

Since 1993, INCIMAL is committed to offer you the best service possible, with the greatest respect, the utmost dignity and greater confidence.

"At INCIMAL, we know how much you care for your animal. This is why it is our duty to preserve the memory of your beloved companion."