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To keep the ashes in memory of your beloved pet

Private (individual) cremation allows the owners of pets to pay a last tribute to their faithful companion and to remember their presence on Earth.

People choose cremation because it is a natural and honorable method to return the body to its original state.

At INCIMAL, we know how precious your animal is to you. It is therefore our duty to offer you a more personalized service with quality and confidence! 

Service available at your veterinary establishment:

Our private (individual) cremation service is intended for all pets: cats, dogs, ferrets, hamster, rabbits, birds, reptiles, etc, and is available directly from your vet.

For more than 30 years, INCIMAL has worked jointly with veterinary establishments in the province of Quebec, to offer its services of cremation and memorial products.

Veterinarians and animal health technicians will guide you, by giving you the information you need, so that you can benefit from our private cremation service.

If your veterinary establishment does not have the information on our services, please contact us directly. Our caring team will listen to your needs.


Brief description of the service:

  • The transportation of the deceased animal from your veterinary establishment to our crematorium;
  • The individual cremation of your pet;
  • A personalized cremation certificate;
  • The return of the ashes to your veterinarian.

* Over 80 models of urns available, see our products section

Owner of more than one domestic animal:

Special prices are available for a single owner who wishes to incinerate two or more of their domestic pets on the same day. Contact us to know the possibilities that are available to you. Certain restrictions apply.

Technical procedures:

The incineration takes place in a small cremation oven.  Once this process is completed, the bone fragments are collected, and reduced to ashes. Everything is then carefully transferred to the urn, of your choice, and returned to the owner.

You can rest assured that at no time do the ashes of one animal come into contact with those of another. At INCIMAL, each animal is duly identified from beginning to end. Our team of specialists work diligently and carefully in order to provide you with the greatest possible level of security and personal satisfaction.