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INCIMAL is proud to offer its services to all passionate horse owners in Québec. We are the only crematorium for animals, to possess a large cremation oven adapted for the incineration of large animals such as a horse.


Private cremation:

Private cremation of a horse, that we have offered for more than 20 years, allows horse owners to pay a last tribute to their loyal friend by immortalizing their presence on Earth.

Passionate owners retain the ashes and the memory of their horse.

"At INCIMAL, we understand your grief with the loss of your pet. It is therefore our duty to offer you a more personalized service, with quality and confidence!'

Communal cremation:

Communal cremation for horses is intended for people who do not wish to keep the ashes of their pet, but wish that their companion be treated in a humane and respectful way.

INCIMAL, then, becomes responsible for his final resting place.  Their ashes, as well as the ashes of other companions, will be disposed of according to the current environmental laws. 

For further information, we invite you to contact us.  Our team will be happy to answer your questions.