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Incimal knows how much the company of an animal may be comforting and essential to people, especially to those with a visual or other physical impairment and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Mira Foundation gives more than 200 guide and assistance dogs each year through its three programs, with a mission to increase the level of autonomy and quality of life of its beneficiaries.

"We all know that Mira dogs are more than a companion pet to their owners, who feel an overwhelming sense of loss when their dog reaches its end."

Therefore, in order to alleviate their sorrow, Incimal offers its individual cremation services free to the families of Mira dogs.

For more than 15 years, Incimal has been proud to assume this responsibility and to serve the honorable cause of the Mira Fondation.


Contribute to the Mira footpath

The Mira footpath is a magnificent stone path facilitating access to the Gaétan Girouard Garden, located at the headquarters of the Mira Foundation. In memory of your pet, it is possible to have his name engraved on a stone from Mira Path. With a donation of 250 $, you immortalize the memory of your companion while contributing to Mira's cause.

 Buy a stone: https://www.jedonneenligne.org/mira/CSB/

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crédit photo: Thierry Du Bois

incimal partenairefondation mira