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" Today March 12, 2019 I received the ashes of my dog Pogo. He was like the apple of my eyes and I am so glad to have trusted to you. I only have thanks for the special attention you have given him. I really did not expect to receive my Pogo this way. Your presentation is so neat and adorable. I have seen all the love you have for animals and I will not hesitate to recommend your services and use them again if necessary. Again, thank you very much! Now he is with me forever!!! "

Louise Larochelle

" Your professionalism and your care for Tania, our adored dog, eases our grief. Cremated on February 12th, our lifelong friend was a joy in our everyday life. She was not only a faithful companion, but her departure leaves a void in our lives. Thanks for your good care and your love of pets. Know that we will never hesitate to recommend you because you are respectful and caring. A huge thank you to your entire team for taking care of Tania. Her ashes will be treasured thanks to you."

" To the Incimal Team, I lost my pet dog "Pebbles" on May 25th, my birhday, as she would have been 15 years old the week after.  Funny enough on her birthday, June 3rd, I received her ahses from you.  I cannot express how much I feel better since then to have her with me, what a GREAT idea to have done that.  Some feel it is not a good idea as I feel differently, it has helped me greatlty,  I talk to her every morning and every night and during the day, as if she was with me.  I also had the frame with the four paws done, I didn't know what to expect from that but was not dissapointed at all, she had certain things with 2 of her paws that I knew about and sure enough they are her prints to a tee.  I can't thank your team enough for the best idea of having these souvenirs of our LOVED pets that we consider like our kids.  Keep up the GREAT work....you are VERY  appreciated. "

Carolyn Murray

" Sir, madam, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the professionalism you have demonstrated following the dramatic and unexpected death, my second guide dog, the one I lovingly called two ways: Ma Belle Grosse Boule d’Amour and / or Mes Belles Grosse Pattes de Lionne ... My Beautiful Victo, her real name but that I have renamed, Vikie, A Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, for mandatory reasons. Imagine, she had not yet reached her fifth year of life, she had just reached her third year at my service since 2012. She had just replaced my first guide dog A Beautiful Black Labrador Belle Baguerra, retired, also after 5 years of service due to excessive fears that deprogrammed her. A guide dog is our LOVE BIRD, our alter ego ...Our eyes.... Your services allowed me to my grieving process. And above all let me live these painful moments the way my heart wanted... Know that, I have also baught a gorgeous bracelet so you never leave me ... Thank you from the heart..." 

Alain Coulombe

" Thank you very much to Ms. Marie-Chantal Plante whom I contacted for information or concerns. Her professionalism and listening reassure completely. And what about the respect felt when receiving the urn containing the ashes of my dogs! It's painful, but it is as a gift: a beautiful urn that I have chosen on the site and is even more beautiful than I imagined in a velvet pouch, the remaining ashes in a beautiful round box surrounded with a ribbon, a cremation certificate with condolence wishes. It is really high end and it reassures us about the respect with which our babies were treated (in my case, my dogs). Keep up the good work, animal lovers in need. I will return soon for a pendant that I will bear tenderly. "

Johanne and Michel Champagne

Toby, our beautiful cat, lived nearly 17 years. Thanks to you, we have been able to demonstrate our love and appreciation by offering him a private cremation. After ten days, Toby returned home in his urn. Everything was perfect. A difficult time but so beautiful and touching at the same time. Thank you Incimal!

Martine Theriault

" Just a short note, to thank you sincerely for supporting us in this difficult time, the loss of our Oreo. We had never experienced a similar event. As soon as we arrived at Incimal, you explained each step with professionalism. After seeing Oreo, you stayed with us to make sure we were all good. We are also grateful for your kind words and comfort to our upset daughter, seeing Oreo was difficult for her, but seeing that he was in peace helped us mourn. Once again, I would like to thank you very much for taking care of our Oreo and us during this difficult time."

Oreos’ Family

" Our beautiful cat Charlotte died on November 28, 2016 as a result of lung cancer, it was for us, it was terrible news especially that my spouse and I do not smoke, and no signs of illness before this fateful date. Nothing could save her. Charlotte had a special story, she was abandoned and we had rescued her. She was with us for 5 years, (to short of a time) she never returned outside, she did not even want to go. We loved her so much, she was one with us, and she was always with us. So when I learned of the existence of your company I was informed with patience and respect, I felt no judgment on your part. Our Charlotte was able to be with us for Christmas in a chosen urn that represented her so well, our sorrow was appeased but it is certain that we would have preferred her to be alive, but thanks to your company our mourning will be gradual and Charlotte will always be close to us, thanks. "

Michel and Isabelle

" Hello, I would like thank you for your professionalism because my dog was sick for some time and although I had to prepare myself and see him leave in the best way for him, I wanted to keep a memory of my extraordinary dog in my eyes of course because for every person we have a different view of death. And you were as patient as I had ever seen because I cried so much I did not even know how you understood what I told you over the phone. But you were so good to explain between a handkerchiefs a sip of water, keeping you on hold..... and a respectful silence. What to say but a big thank you. And then when the time came to go and get the little urn at my vet’s ouff what a shock I got I must confess to be given the little brown bag O dear.... I had to get out of the clinic and come back in. When I opened the bag what was my surprise a beautiful velvet bag and a beautiful urn with inscription and my beautiful heart pendant in the moment it was terribly cold and I started crying again then in the car ouff everything became weird and then I calmed down. I have stayed at least an hour in the car without doing anything and then I had to hit the road for home I had to take a ferry and at that moment the urn appeased me. But I must admit after I read the other testimonials I sincerely believe that if I get another dog I will ask that it would be you who come bring my pet and I go to your center because I would have more support after delivery of the body. So thank you very much for us to exist owns these animals really amazing what you have done for my Giz and respect. One thing I was wondering ash for how long I can keep them in the small bag inside the urn? Thank you a lot for your team you are wonderful people and thank you for supporting us ... because these doggies my third and the first time I did business with you and not the last, believe me. "

Sophie & Patrick Dumaresq Goulet

" Hello, My good old chat- philosopher Socrate (18years old) has left last June. He passed at home, peacefully, well looked after by my vet.  So I sought your services and was very satisfied. Everything was done by the rules of the art. What moved the most is the attention: the urn with the inscription in a velvet pouch accompanied by compassionate words. Subsequently, a small family ritual followed: some ashes under a perennial in the garden which has so often sheltered her for naps and a part in a plant in my house. Then, each person expressed a vivid memory.  All this helped to mourn this adopted feline and was such good company.  My GRIBOUILLE remains (17 years) and I just took in a little one year old kitty and she brings her youth in my house.  Thank you and there is nothing like a professional job!"

Nicole Rainville

"I have been using Incimal's Private Assisted & not Assisted Cremation for years. I am so grateful for the services they offer. They gave me the chance to send off My Unconditional Loves with the respect they each so deserved. Each & every one of my pets have brought me many so much happiness, smiles & laughter. To have a pet is to have a beautiful little creature who depends only on being loved and in return wants only to please you & knows you better than any one else. Thanks to Incimal, their absolutely serene cremation procedure, from picking up my pets at my home or my vet's office, conserving them for my cremation date, giving me the opportunity to see my little ones' that one last time, then waited in a beautiful & peaceful surrounding for my pets ashes, before I brought them home with me, where they belong. Each of my little ones brought me just so much pleasure, I couldn't imagine not giving them that final act of kindness that Incimal offers, especially after all they gave me for so many years. I did my best for each of them & will always miss each one of them terribly. But I know first hand & trustingly that they were given the respect that any loved one deserves in their final step on earth & this greatly helped ease my heart's loss. Thank You Incimal."

Annette Martel

"I am writting to thank you for your professionnalism.  I had my dog Baileys, cremated on Monday October 6th at 1:30.  You were so kind and respectful.  I had the chance to say my farewells to my baby, ma daughter, the love of my life.  I had a chance to take her in my arm and kiss her.  I congratulate you for your company that allows us to keep a memory of our animal.  Very nice establishment.  Thank you very much."

Stephanie Gouin, Karl Lariviere and my daughter Baileys xxxx

" To say 1000 times thank you would not be enough to show you all our gratitude during the cremation of our Belle. Thanks to the love, attention, professionalism and respect you showed for our Bellie, we were able to begin our mourning and keep an unforgettable memory of our Princess. Special thanks to Yannick, an exceptional technician. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the entire Incimal team. "

Anik and Yannick

" I want to thank you and SUPPORT ALL the positive testimonies I have read with attention. Prince is a dog that I found 8 years ago (abandoned in the countryside!!!!) He lived with me for 8 years. Thank you again. "


" I wanted to thank you for the beautiful urn arrangement for my dog it’s beautiful work, again thank you! "


Lucie Ouellet

"Thank you for the quick return of Canelle in a beautiful velvet pouch, for your services and sympathetic words. For me it was a sign of great respect. I am very glad I opted for this choice, it comforted me to know Canelle will always be by my side. Besides, I also thank the Beloeil veterinary clinic that guided and advised me well about your services. Thank you to the team of Incimal!"

Danielle Cyr

"I want to say thank you for the love and kindness you have shown for the loss of my cat ... my little girl , my partner and my confidante at times for 11 years ... she passed on August 25, 2015 ... and I did not think it would hurt so much ... when I have received her ashes, it comforted me a little to see all the attention you gave her and I have felt that you understood what losing an animal  really is... and for that, I thank you ..It puts a balm on the pain ... congratulations on your website and all that you do. Congratulations ... and thank you..." 

Nicole Côté

Your professionalism and empathy helped us with our sadness for the cremation of our little cat Chopin December 10th 2015.  You had so much respect toward us and our little cat.  His ashes are peacefully in his urn with the inscription Chopin.  We warmly thank you for your services.

Michel et Jeannette Côté

" A little more than 19 years ago, a beautiful little black face like the night chose me to become her "Mom". Raoul entered our lives for the better and for the worse. What a cat! Affectionate, gentle, talkative, eager for hugs and kisses, it made our daily routine more than pleasant! We loved him and cherished him, and he gave back so much! That is why it was obvious that we should pay him a homage equal to his greatness of soul and heart ... Following his unexpected departure, we called upon your services. Thank you for your professionalism and thank you for helping us get through this difficult ordeal. Thank you Melissa for your empathy ... Raoul returned home yesterday afternoon. An expected return and a comforting one. "

Anny Giguère

" I went to get Bud's paw print today. It was delivered to Sherbrooke at my vet. It is very beautiful with his name and a little red heart. There is also a certificate and a bookmark with very a nice message of sympathy. Thank you very much because Bud had a big heart. He was my biggest friend. Bud, you will be part of my thoughts throughout my life. Thanks Incimal! "

Geneviève Neault

We have cremated Angel our little 8 year old dog on March 12 2015 and wanted to thank you for the speed with which we have been able to bring the ashes home from our vets. All the little thoughts that were included to the attention of our little girl were greatly appreciated even if it was, and still is, hard to read. Thank you for your professionalism.

Sylvie Gatineau 

We had our 13-year-old girl Dixie cremated on April 10th, 2015 and want to thank you for all the attention that your staff granted us that very important morning.  All the small thoughts which were included at the attention of our girl were largely appreciated even if it was difficult to read and still is. Thank you for your professionalism.

Claudette and Michel

" I would like to thank you for your kindness and sympathy for the death of my Rosie. Her departure, on May 27, was and still is extremely difficult. I know she was treated well by your team. Thank you for listening and for answering my many questions. Thank you again. " 

Sophie Garand

"Haven chose an Assisted Cremation we did not know what to expect but we were welcomed with great respect and professionalism. We are glad we chose Incimal to help us during this difficult time. Thank you very much to all of your team."

Jason, Fanny, Cindy, Suzanne & Copine

"We just just got our dog Tyson back from the Prevost Veterinary Hospital in his little urn, were you had put him in. First of all, we want to say thank you for having taken so good care of him after is death. It was a very big and tragic loss for us. Even if nothing can ever replace him, it is obvious that you took care of his remains respectfully and with dignity. The urn in which he rests is magnificent and to have taken the time to cover it with a velvet pocket, what more can we say… We are bewildered by the quality and by the special attention of your services. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Richard Leblanc

" Thank you to all your team who warmly welcomed us at the death of my little Ulysse on June 29 2015.You were very attentive to our emotions during the assisted cremation. We thank you deeply. Ulysse is now with Penelope who was also incinerated at Incimal. "

Carole and Robert


" A big thank you!! To you who treated my cat with great dignity took him to his final resting !! Thank you again, you treat our animals with love and with great sympathy !! You do a great job with great respect for those who have lost a loved one !!! because for us, our pets are a member of our family !! "

Lise Morin

" My beautiful Charlie, you came in our lives 18 years ago, you made us happy, we will think of you.  Rest in peace. "

Denis Laberge

" Thanks to your team for the excellent service you have offered us. It must be said, cremation our pet is somewhat of a luxury. I was apprehensive and did not want to pay, I was afraid I was going to be disappointed. But I never could have left my little « Guidoune » like that so I took the risk! I received the urn in a little black velour bag and a cremation certificate! A good quality urn and good dimensions! Even a little bigger then I had thought J I am very happy to have done this. Now she rests in peace on my mantle! She will be at my side forever. One never forgets their first pet… the pain is still there but le feeling of having my little companion with me knowing she is not simply thrown away puts my heart at rest.

Rest in peace my little Missy. Daddy loved you so much…Thanks for everything. "

Sebastien Adam

" How sad to lose ones friend. My little Benji, died after 15 years of pure happiness. Benji, was loved by everyone. She did not speak and that's all! When, I lost my little baby Benji my world collapsed. There was no way I'd bury her but ... thanks to INCIMAL my little Benji was cremated and she came back with me. I can tell you that for me it was the best thing to do! They are professionals. They respect us, and know the pain that we feel inside, and answer very well to our expectations. I was able to spend 1/2 hour with my little Benji before the assisted private cremation. I balled my eyes out ... and at the same time I knew that I had done everything to save my baby! In case of death of your faithful friend, I strongly suggest INCIMAL in BERTHIERVILLE 1 800 363-8653. A staff that respects every detail ... that's what we experienced with INCIMAL. Thank you with all my heart to all INCIMAL staff. Without you my pain and pain would be much more difficult. DEEPEST THANKS "


" Thanks to the Incimal team for helping us say a last goodbye to our little Fiji on Oct. 31, 2017. Seeing her one last time, serene, helped us in our grieving process. The ceremony was held with respect and without any press. We were able to spend the necessary time with our beloved Fiji. We recommend this experience and keep a good memory even if it’s painful. Thanks Incimal "

Véronique GIbeau / Maxime Boissy

" Incimal team, Thank you for the respect and sympathy you have shown my pet. He is now at home with me in another form and it helps me to grieve. Thanks you for your professionalism, it warms my heart. "

Rejeanne Vincent

"Thanks to INCIMAL, THANKS TO YOU, WE CAN MAKE GIVE TRIBUTE TO OUR LOVES AND KEEP THEM WITH US FOREVER. There was our little Pinotte in 2004 and then our Paoff in 2009. And last September our little Deha. Our loves are respected to their true value Thank you from the heart Incimal. "

" Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with regards to my dog "Tasha" which was sent to your company for cremation through the Centre Veterinaire des Cantons in Farnham, QC.  My husband and I had made the decision to have her cremated, and we really weren't sure what to expect.   I want to thank you so much for the personal touch and the way that your company handled this.  Your "certificate of cremation" touched my heart and actually helped to ease the pain by knowing that my dog was treated with respect and care following her death.  She was a part of our family for 13 and a half years and desserved to be treated with dignity.  Thanks for making this decision much easier for us.  I have been recommending your company to everyone that I talk to. "

Judy Antle

" Hello.. We want to thank you for you trusworthy sevice, and all you did to make our Ti-Loup rest in peace with dignité..Maintenant that he is at home in his little urn we can continue talking to him and tell him how much we love him. Thank you all .... "

Jacynthe & Noel

I would like to thank you for your professionalism and excellent service.  Virgule and Freefall have shared theirs lives with my spouse and I.  You have honoured my babie's memories and now they both rest peacefully together, with us.  All has gone by so fast and it is still painfull but every morning, every evening, each time I look at the little urn in wich they rest, I remember that they were treated with dignity.  Thank you

Nicole Bouffard

" The loss of my companion is a very difficult ordeal in my life. I know that time will lessen my pain. I thank you for your compassion, your professionalism every little detail; the cremation certificate, the little heart from which flowers will sprout are a balm on our pain and knowing that Wilbur has been treated with respect by all of you, confirms that we offered him the best until the end. Thank you with all your heart. "

" I loved, this was my first time and not my last.  An enormous thank for all the little gifts that came with the urn. "

Veronique Faille

"I really wanted to thank you personally for the speed with which you handled my February 16th request. I had ordered a personalized urn to replace the one my dog Milou had when he was cremated. I received my urn on the 18th and I placed his ashes inside and inserted his photo. My 2 dogs now have matching urns with commemorative plaques and photos, it is very beautiful. I appreciate your professionalism and especially your affection, your dignity and the respect with which you treat to our pets. You are extraordinary. Thank you once again and well to you. "

Ginette Lemonde

" Thank you for providing us the opportunity to wish our fond farewells to our beloved Laïka with dignity and grace. "

The Gucciardo Family

" Dear Sir/Madam, It has been a month today since our beloved cat, Atabé, passed away and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the respectful ans caring manner with which you handled his cremation which we can deduce from the objects which we received along wiht his ashes, from the urn  itself with his name carefully engraved inside.  The cover to the carrying bag with its pretty little ribbon.  Thank you again for helping us give him the proper last respects we owed him. "

Thérèse & George Cripps

" We passed a horrible week until our beloved dogs ashes came back home.  We want to thank all the staff at Incimal.  Thank you ever so much + thank god for pet cremation for all animals deserve a place in heaven. "

Christine (Rustik's mommy)

" My wonderfull Keeshound Zila ,my best friend ,who my husband rescued and brought home .We had her for 14yrs ,My wonderfull vets,Dr Marie-Josee Dion, & Bridgette of Farnham Q.C. Were amazing and helped me with my introduction to your services when her end was so near . When i got her back in the lovely box and ribbons ,it felt like she was back with me,she will now ,join my husband,now passed,and her ashes will go to England and be scattered in the same place as requested by my husband as he is ,and me to follow inthe Valley of Monsal Head Derbyshire.Thankyou for a feeling of compassion,and help in so much sorrow i feel on her departure.You have a wonderfull service and am so glad you brought her home to me . "

Jane Lavoie

" A huge thank you to your team for your hospitality, patience and professionalism. Thank you for being there to ensure that our animal, who gave his whole life for us, can leave us as it should, with the utmost respect and with all the love she deserves, I do not know what I would have done without you! After 15 beautiful years with my little love, I wanted the best. To follow all the stages was very hard but I know that it is really she who rests in her little urn and that there is a little bit of her with me. Her little quilt, the plate, the photo, I kiss them every evening thanks to you, and I am very grateful for all you have done for us. There are not enough words big thanks. "

Marie-France Gill 

" Hello I just received my urn and frame for my dog Ella today I just want to say that I have never dealt with a more professional sympathetic company like yours,you have made the process of losing my previous dog Ella more easy to deal with Thank you very very much. "


Dear Sir / Madam, Today we received the ashes of our very dear Winslow who passed away due to cancer. Sweet and funny, we called him our "therapy dog" because he was so aware of our moods. His departure leaves a great void, but the attention you paid to his cremation as well as the return of his ashes, with words of encouragement and condolences, touched us very much. Thank you for these little gestures that make all the difference.

" Thank you to INCIMAL for your service. "

Roussa & Trevor

" My big Pinotte has left us for a place where there is no more suffering. I miss him a lot but when I think about him I tell myself that he is perfect where he is. I wanted to thank you for what you have done for us, the grieving. "


" Hello to you, First off, I would like to take time to thank you. So … Thank you! To have taken care of of my baby’s body, my best friend, my all. The love of my life was her. My 12-year and 9 month old dog left us tragically and quickly on July 27th, 2017. I unfortunately did not have the time to arrive at the veterinary hospital. She was with my spouse at the time of her death.  Secondly, I want to thank the veterinary hospital Des Moulins of Mascouche, for all the efforts which were put in that day .... a great team that make their job a passion. They have  taken the time to explain to us the choices offered to us, to take care of the body. I chose the clay paw print, because it was the thing that represented her perfectly. (tapping with her paw for love, for little treats ... etc.) Today they phoned me, to tell me that she had arrived. My throat was knotted and had tears in my eyes, I managed to give one smile by opening this magnificent box, in which we found a magnificent bow and her name above. The print was just " WOW " with a small heart-shaped jewel and a plaque with her name. I was suddenly at peace. I have only a tangible memory without forgetting  those that I keep in my heart for ever. I love you  Lylé to mom and Lylé to dad (Meï shan) We shall find ourselves -xxxx- " 

Antonella & Jimmy

" I want to thank you for the speed and respect regarding the return of my baby Perlo. My baby Perlo died as a result of illness. He was only 8 years old and we accompanied and cared for him until his last moments. It was very difficult to let him go. He was everything for us. We shed so much tears before, during and after his passing. We are never ready even if we know he will leave us. He will always remain in our hearts and I promised him that when I, his mother, will have to make the long trip, that he will come with me as well as his sister who left us two years ago. I will not hesitate to refer your services to my friends. Dad and Mom. "

Danielle Tourangeau

" At first I was skeptical of this service. I never used it and I did not know what to expect. WOW the good service I got ... Thank you for responding quickly to my emails. You are very professional and very available. Thanks again and I recommend this service 100%. "

Genevieve Gagnon

" Hello, I have received Nickie’s ashes on July 23 and I thank you very much. It is super professional of you, I was surprised by the beautiful packaging that you provided. This will allow us to complete our mourning process for our beautiful Nickie. Thank you and I will recommend you with pleasure to my relatives and friends. "

Carole Prince

" Hello we would like to thank the Incimal team for your beautiful work without you, we would not have had the chance to chance our little Becksye girl back. You have put a balm on our hearts because with this beautiful little urn our little ball of love will shine every day and will remain in our hearts. Thank you a thousand times over. To all your staff who took care of our baby love so well. "

Sylvain Brouillard and Martine Lefebvre

" Incimal thank you. Very happy to have found another way to have Jocker, my 15 year old girl at my side in her beautiful urn. She will always be there. Thanks again Incimal. "

Jean Lallemand

" Thank you Incimal for your professionalism and caring for Magnum with dignity until his return home. The urn chosen a cat with angel wings is perfect. Magnum was very special Forever remembered and Forever loved . Magnum was adopted from the SPCA in 2003 . Once again, Thank you "


" Hello, l received Katin’s urn, the rainbow bridge and the little heart and well the condolence card which expressed the way I feel every day. l love her so much and now she is near me, thank you for your kindness and your empathy. I am happy to have known Incimal because now I have my little dog with me. Big thanks to the Incimal team. "

Lynda Landry 

" Thank you very much to all the team INCIMAL.  Your work makes a big difference in our lives.  My Betty left us with dignity and respect.  Rest in peace my baby. "


" We have just received ashes of our little Bascule deceased on May 30th, 2017 she was 13 years old. In spite of the pain in our hearts. We wanted to thank you for the professionalism of your company We need you.  A Thousand thanks. "

André & Sonia

" Thank you INCIMAL For being ... near the heart; near people. Thank you for the respect and love; your understanding as well as your professionalism. I am very grateful and completely satisfied; may God bless you. Deceased on May 03rd, 2017; Life put Kapi on my road 16 years ago! Precious Tender; TITE-FEUILLE; Loving, Elegant, Sweet !! She is Unique And particular. We were destined for one another. Sharing love for ever. Yes, KAPI; you are the Queen!! Mom loves you of for ever; we are "Inseparable - Loving!!" X0 ... "

Martine Dorris, Gatineau

" Incimal, thank you very much for your invitation.  In June when we lost our pet - Tiger - who was only 5 years old, our heart were broke and we were very sad.  My husband and I treated him just like our own baby.  During that sorrowful moment, your great service and understanding comforted and calmed us.  Believe it or not, the beautiful flower you gave to us is still here, standing beside Tiger's urn, even it's dried up, but it is still keeping the pretty shape.  We would like to take this chance to thank you for your wonderful service. "

Victor Lee & Sheila Lee

My little Opale was cremated this morning, I'm waiting impatiently for her return.  She was an adorable cat...always there with me, she had no need for words simply looking at each other was enough.  She was with me in good and not so good times without juging me, she is a soul that has accomplished her earthly mission...She will always be in my heart till the day I join her on the other end of the Rainbow Bridge.  I love you my little cat Opale...from your mommy that will never forget you.

Claudette Desmeules

Maude, my friend, my half, has passed on November 3, 2014 at fourteen years of age.  For a second time I have chosen your cremation services.  I trusted you would treat her with care and love.  She was incinerated on November 7, the day of the first snow in your region.  Maude being a Husky dog, she loved the snow so much.  I wanted to see her one last time but I was advised otherwise, but after reading other testamonies I would have liked to have seen her so much.  It is so hard to lose this love.  I miss you.  I love you my wolf.

Louise Morin

" We received her ashes and we thank you for your sympathy. It’s very nice we love it very much and we miss it thank you for a very good quality on your service. "


" I wanted to say a big thank you, for taking care of my Choupette my dog aged 11, died on January 01st, 2018 it’s going to be 6 months and it's like it was yesterday, I still miss her because she was so loving she was my baby, I still cry and I will never forget; I love you Choupette, you are at home in your urn I look at you every day and you will be with us forever you'll come to our colombarium with us both one day. I love you my baby xxx Thank you Incimal. "

Ginette Vallée, Amqui

" We can never thank you enough for your help, your support, when our beautiful Doberman Houston died in February. Thanks again to all the Incimal team, your kindness did us a lot of good. "

Danielle and Vincent

" I just went to get my beautiful Nyla's paw print from my vet. What a wonderful attention and presentation in memory of our beautiful love. Everything is perfect, the word, her fur and her paw print, all this puts a balm on our heart. Keep up the good work, sincerely. "

The Milette-Gagnon xxox family

" My dear Mozart who was in my life for 21 years, my cat died at the age of 21, he was my life companion, my child, everything I had. I was in great shock during his euthanasia, because I also lost a part of myself. My dear Mozart, I will never forget you will ever stay in my heart forever, thank you to Incimal, for his paw print, I will keep it preciously near my heart. Rest in Peace my beautiful Mozart, yellow cat with a little white who was very sweet, very affectionate and always on the lookout for me every day for 21 years. "

Lucie Dostie

" Thank you very much for making this difficult day for our family , a day of farewells as I had wish for it to be with the respect that he deserved. "

Mrs Line Vincent 

" My beautiful little Kiwi. We had 14 beautiful years together. I almost saw you at birth, you and your two brothers. I will miss you so much? I love you and will always love you. You put joy in my life when there was none left. You knew how to console me when I had so much sorrow. You will stay in my heart forever. "

" On October 5, 2018, my big dog Kimo died at the age of 10 year and 7 months. Thanks to Incimal he came home with his brother and great friend Tigress with whom he had grown up. Kimo was an exceptional K9 dog, always present and ready to protect those he loved. It was with years of training that he and his master worked tirelessly to help others; they were not owners and dogs but rather partners and were like one. Kimo saved people from suicide and people lost in the woods, he was an exceptional dog for my wife and I. Thank you Incimal for everything and to have given us our dog that we missed a lot. Welcome home Kimo. "

Jacques Michaud

" Thank you for Shaak Ti’s beautiful paw print. She was an exceptional companion, a friend and a special dog in our hearts and for our family. We gave him all the love we had for him. His loss creates a huge hole in our family and we miss him. We are glad that you took care with respect of Shaak Ti, thank you to the veterinary clinic Poirier O'Brien. "

Family Vadeboncoeur

" Thank you very much to my veterinary clinic has their support and their dedication towards great mourning. Thank you to you for giving us a second chance xxx "

Sylvie Guilbault & Luc Bourdon

" Thank you very much for your support and the love you have for animals.  You were very helpful.  Thank you. "

Mrs D. Lefebvre

 " Thank you for you excellent service, you help us through this very difficult day.  We had been elsewhere before and now we will only deal with your company.  You are an incredible team who definitevely loves animals. "

Mrs Harris

" Thank for your warm welcoming and the respect you gave me. "

Mrs N. Richard

" A huge thank you for your warm welcoming and your sympathy.  We this process...our love Cléo will be with us forever in our hearts and in our living room. "

Mrs. D. Gagnon

" Thank you for your sympathy and professionalism during the cremation of Jannie, our little baby. "

Mrs R. Monette

It was so difficult to live the death of my best friend Porter. This beautiful Golden Retriever was a godsend to me and his passing will leave a big hole in my heart for evermore. Fortunately, you have brought my baby back home in his urn. You have done so with the outmost respect and professionalism, for that I am so grateful. In the name of my two children and I, thank you.

Mrs Carmen Nault

" Mother and daugther, Galipette et Tosca, we miss you greatly.  You have given us many happy moments and will stay forever in our memories.  Rest in peace.  We appreciated the perzonalised service, your kindness and the high quality of your service.  Thank to the Loiselle family for their understanding. "

Pontois Family

" Still too much moved and too much sorrow still. But your welcome and your comfort when directly to my heart.  Many thanks for all that delicacy and understanding. "

Mrs C. Remay

" Thank you sincerely for your kindness and littles attentions to help us with the mourning of ou faithful friend.  Sheewa is now gone, but she will be in our heart forever.  Thank you Sheewa for all your love and joy that you brought us every day. "

Mrs C. Letelier, Mr P. Robert

"  Thanks to Christine and her team for the excellent service for the cremation of Daphnee. "

Mrs M. Gauthier

" Thank you for being there and allowing us to bring our beloved Theophile back home.  It was a beautiful morning and I feel as though I was faithful to my little kitten. "

Mrs L. et C. Boisvert

" Dear Capy, you were exceptionnal, we adore you.  Alain, Annie, Éric and myself were blessed with your presence.  Know that we will never forget you.  We are here with great people that have helped us and that haved done your cremation so we could bring you back home.  Thank you for being there for us for the past 10 years and 10 months.  And thank you to the Incimal team for such kindness will taking care of our best friend.  Farewell dear Capy xxx.  Maybe we will see each other one day! "

Mrs J. Dallaire

" We thank you for your kindness.  My husband and I leave comforted. "

Mrs C. Desautels

" Thank you for your kindness and the respect you gave to our babies.  Thanks again for beliving in our love of animals.  I am so happy that Cachou is near me.  Thank you to your incredible team. "

Mrs Bertrand

" I would like to thank Incimal inc. pour the kindness they offered us in those difficult moments.  Loosing Rusty was a very hard situation for our family, since we lost a family member, the most loved one.  All the Incimal team was great.  Thank you for helping us.  Thank you to Mickey as well - you made us remember all the great moments we shared with Rusty.  We will cherish all of our memories. "

Mrs R. Sharma

" Thank you for offering us this opportunity to say our farewells to our beloved companion.  Animals are so precious and I am forever  greatful for your services that have help me through out this mourning.  Thank again for everything. "

Mrs M. King

" Thank you for your warm welcoming.  It's incredible to be able to accompany your beloved pet to its final resting place.  A special thanks to Christine, I appreciated your presence. "

Mrs C. Matteau

" Thank you for allowing us to be present for this difficult ending.  For some reason, it helps to know that we could be there till the end with our beloved Prescilla, that she was not alone.  Prescilla will be greatly miss.  Your understanding and your warm words were greatly appreciated. "

Mrs C. Pavoni

" Thanks for being there for my family and I when we needed it the most. "

Mrs O. Downey

" Thank you for everything!! "

Mr J. Navaro

It’s been 8 years ago already that our beautiful Smokey, our Dalmatian, died we decided to offer him a departure has the height of l love which he had given us..... INCIMAL, whose testimonies I had read in a magazine … magnificent … he left us with his favorite ball and his blanket … smoothly … A plaque in his name is on the wall there … Thanks …

Jocelyn Michaud

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the very good service. I was very satisfied and impressed. Thank you so much.

Josiane Plouffe

"The name Zina is a Biblical name. It's meaning: "Shining, going back". I lost my Zina at the age of two and a half on February 8, 2016 unexpectedly. There are no words to describe my loss. I am comforted to know that the private cremation I requested, is heartfelt by your team and my dog was treated with the utmost respect. She deserved it. She was a very special dog, full of life, full of love. She was my loyal companion, and the unconditional love she had for me, I had for her. I now have her urn and she is home. Thank you for caring enough to understand the importance of your role in such a fragile, and most difficult loss. All animals are creatures of God as we are..."

Ruth Paoli

"Hello. We want to thank you for your professionalism. Our cat was euthanized on April 16, 2016 , she would have been 16 years old. Sophie gave us a lot of happiness and that's why we wanted to keep her with us. We went to get the Sophie’s urn today. We have chosen the urn where you can put her picture. It’s wonderful! Thanks for the fur sample placed in the small bag, it looks like the back of her head and her little left ear. Again thank you!"

Line Gosselin

"Hello, I wanted to say thanks for the love you have for animals, and for the sevices you offer us. So much love … the kind we don’t see often. Thank you for all our loves, at least we can see them from time to time. Thanks again, continue your good work."

Andre & Nicole Payette & Côté

" I want to thank you all for this beautiful site where you can see one’s passed animal and with which you are very professional. Words are not enough to express my thanks. It makes me want to cry, but there are so much love on this site. Thank you, and continue this beautiful mission; it makes us so warm to the heart! I saw you published my testimony for my big girl, a thousand thanks. "

Nicole Metivier

" I would like to thank you for your professionalism when you creamated MouMou (Moufette) (My darling cat) on June 14th, 2017.  I miss him very much.  Thanks to your team. "

Rita & Henry Landry

" Hello Princess. You left us on September 2nd 2017. You were only 13. We stayed with you until the end. It was very painful for us, but very important to accompany you to the end. We want to tell you that we love you and always will. Thank you for all these beautiful years in your company. We miss you enormously Princess. Thank you for your help to get through this pain Papa Claude Mother Carole XX XX Your sister Kalie and your brother Mozart xx xx "

Claude et Carole

" We wanted to thank you for your professionalism. The content of the ashes is really beautiful and so is the clay paw print. Your little eternal heart moved us. Thank you to the Incimal team. "

" Canelle You were a docile little dog, all your life you were loved, adored and spoiled. You were a perfect little baby. As a pup, you knew how to make yourself understood. You do not suffer anymore. You are in paradise, where you will be able to charm someone for more than a little while. We love you forever my chicken xxxxx RIP Canelle was born on February 14, 2004 and died on February 10, 2010 in my arms in the car, coming back from the vet. So we decided to have her incinerated at Incimal and keep her ashes. We had a great service from them. I even called to ask to keep a small lock of hair before the crémation and I received it, which warmed my heart ; being able to touch it again and again .... Thanks a thousand times to your entire team. Canelle will sit in her small urn that my spouse made for her on a shelf with all the photos above her. Thank you Lola, Yvon and our 6 year old Yorkshire girl Cashew who is still looking for her. "

" My beautiful Toby (bibi), this decision was so difficult to make, the one to let you go, you did not deserve to get to the point of physical suffering. We will love you forever. Caroline, Dave, Alexandra, Marilou, Max, Andre, Louise, Nathalie Big kisses, rest my good dog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. "

" 17 years with us, we will never forget them. " 

Alain & Jacqueline

" Hello to all the team, I would like to thank you for the respect and professionalism that you had towards me and my Choupette, a small 8 year old Pug who left for dog Heaven quickly. The pain that I felt when, not by choice, but for it to stop her suffering I had to let my best friend go. With the wonderful work that you do you have allowed me to bring her home in a solemn way, with the complicity that Choupette and I had, I owed her a return home close to her family. She will be here every day. Thank you a thousand times xxx "

Karine, Saguenay

" Hello to you, I have received the ashes of my life companion Copain, yesterday December 12th, 2019. Thanks to you, he has now returned home with me forever. Thank you very much for allowing us to keep those who shared our lives. Copain, died on November 23ird in the evening, because his little heart was tired. He was found in the forest in 2006 and he shared a lot of good times with me. He was everything to me. He accompanied me wherever I went. Welcome back my friend. Finally, we are reunited again. "

Odet Caron



Thank you Incimal for your professionalism. I know my little Tara was cremated with respect and humanism. When I received Tara's ashes, despite the great pain, Tara was back home. Thank you!

Tara's mom.

Hello, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professionalism you have shown with my Tipou. Your follow-ups did me a lot of good, they put a balm on my pain  that I really needed. Thank you so much!!

Sylvie Brouard

Hello to you the Incimal team, I would like to thank you for taking care of our beautiful daughter Chika, for allowing me to choose everything and the beautiful keepsakes (paw print, fur and certificate) which shows that you took care of my Chika (Pug) with respect and offered her, her final rest. You have all my respect you are very professional. Many thanks for your service 
Linda Gaudreau Chikas Mistress

" Goodbye my love, I have always loved you and I always will. Your last breaths pierced my heart. You left in my arms; I did everything I could for you my love. I will never forget you my Coton. I had a hard time letting you go but I had to resign myself because you were already slowly dying. Ouff life is hard and cruel to me today.  Continue your journey my handsome Coton! "

Audrey Charbonneau

Thank you very much for having done such a beautiful job with my daughter Maggye my little life companion and especially for having returned it to me with such beautiful delicacy because her duty will never end to take care of me as before it was a little zootherapy Maggye, a thousand times thank you very much.


Thanks to you for taking good care of our beautiful Bonnie Blue. We had chosen a private cremation and I am very happy with your services. After 15 days we received the ashes of our baby in a nice package with the teddy bear that I had ordered. Of course the emotion was at its peak, but it was heart warming that Bonnie Blue was back home. We will keep these ashes preciously and forever. His memory will always be in our hearts Thank you very much for a perfect service and a human approach because you know very well these little angels who are lent to us ... Are like our children. thank you so much

Louise Girard and Michel Bernard

On May 15, 2020, I had to euthanize my beautiful Myka, my 10-year-old yorkie / shitsu. The following June 15, she was cremated at your home and a few days later, I received her ashes. Thank you for your professionalism and the delicate and thoughtful presentation, I really appreciate it !! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything !! An owner in mourning but satisfied xxx


Hello there, We collected the ashes of our beloved dog Gay yesterday. We did not know what to expect and we were moved to receive these ashes as well as your kind words as personalized as they are professional. I wanted to thank you for returning it to us with such dignity. It helps us in our grieving process. I will not hesitate to recommend your company & service. Thanks again, Véronique

Véronique Govart

Thank you for taking care of my baby Browny. When I came to bring him to your home, I was made to feel very welcome and you took care of him right away. You have been able to accompany us in this very difficult ordeal. Thank you for treating Browny with such great respect. He now rests with us in his beautiful urn and his paw print warms our hearts. Thanks again.


Watson has had a happy and beautiful life thanks to you both, saying goodbye to him is not easy, know that his memories will always be in your hearts. He was an amazing dog and we know how much you will miss him. But one thing is for sure, he is with you now and forever. If you are sad to be sure that a little four-legged Guardian Angel, watch over you from where he is. We wanted to tell you that Watson was also special to us too, he left us his wonderful memories to light the rest of our way. He was kind and precious to us, we will always miss you Baby Watson X X. Jeannine Bédard and André Auclair x x


I received Mia's fingerprint along with the certificate, which said Mia was cremated with respect on 11-20-2020. This word made me feel good. Thank you for taking care of her little body with respect. Marielle


Dear Sir / Madam, We want to thank you for your sympathy and compassion on the passing of our dogs Ramy and Nooky. He would have liked to have barked affectionately at you. You have provided us with impeccable, prompt and courteous service. Your sincerity and compassion touch us deeply. Many thanks to your wonderful team and keep up the wonderful work. France and Yvon Dufresne Montreal, QC

France Caron

Thank you you have allowed us to live this difficult moment in a more serene way. Leaving PACO is difficult to accept but your support has made this ordeal easier for us. Thank you for your professionalism. D.C.


We thank you, we have just received the ashes in Cartouche and really well done, very beautiful, you allow us to have him with us even after his death. Professional work, thank you very much to all your team .................... Luc Chassé and Marie-Helene Cauchon


Thank you to your team for the nice attentions received with the ashes of my cat. We feel that you are taking care of the animal and its grieving owner ... It is a balm on the pain and I am deeply grateful to you. Sophie, Quebec


Kenshi (Titi)


Rose Bouchard-Bertomeu

Sylvie Prévost

Sylvie Boisvert


Daniel Gamache





Johanne paul-hus

I am forever grateful for the attention and kindness from all the staff at Incimal. A wonderful and caring staff in such a difficult time. Thank you!

Smokey Taylor

Sophie Martin-Marchand






Thank You for Excellent Service in so difficult time. Sincerely, Alicja

Alicja Kalbarczyk



Christine Gagnon





I want to Thank you all for taking care of my girl, Baby. She came into my life when I needed her the most, by my sister Karin. She was the only female & only black one in the litter. For 17.5 years she was never sick, & she was my best friend. Baby made my life full of Joy & happiness. I loved/ love her with all my heart. You will be missed Baby. But, you will be forever in my heart. We have beautiful memories together. Thank you for taking care of her.






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